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Every school is special in its own way and the same is with our school as well. It is a Eplace where people from different backgrounds and temperaments come together. Schools are a place where we get to make friends, learn new things and grow every day. A second home for all. The Fathers, Brothers, teachers, workers, parents and friends have all shaped our lives and destiny to a great extent. Don Bosco Lonavla has the magnet to keep us bonded even after all these years. Here we feel we belong, we feel welcome, we have a lot to narrate to our families, children, and friends. It’s a nostalgical feeling. We are in love with our past and want to share this with others. 60 years have seen 17 Principals. All who have been fondly remembered in our chit chat, for they have touched our lives. The strength of Don Bosco Lonavla is our past pupils. They have, are and will be a source of our pride! Thanks for what you are and do. With open arms we greet you for your support, for through and in you, we reach out to many youngsters and offer them joy, hope and living. We have begun the preparation for the Diamond Jubilee of our institution here. You are the lucky ones to belong to this Jubilee year which commences in August 2021. Our past pupils are leaving no stone unturned in order to make this event memorable. Thanks to their efforts. I end with a quote from Don Bosco, “Do you want your companions to respect you? Always think well of everyone, and be ready to help others. Do this and you will be happy.” All the best as we are about to enter our Diamond Jubilee (DJ 60) year. Saint John Bosco,pray for us…

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